Wong Sheung Kung Fu Club 50th Anniversary

April 13, 2024

The Wong Sheung Kung Fu Club was established in 1974 in Victoria’s Chinatown, previously located on the 1600 block of Government St. You may better recognize us as the Chinese Lion Dancers that bless your business, during the Lunar New Years' annual parades & blessing of merchants.

The year 2024 is very special to us, as it marks our 50th anniversary. We are one of the oldest continuously operating Kung Fu Clubs in Canada. A special event will take place on Sunday May 26th, 2024, from 10:30AM-3PM, to celebrate the momentous achievements and the cultural significance of Chinese tradition. When a Chinese Kung Fu/ Lion dance club reaches major milestones, the Kung Fu club and its Lion Dance teams will pay their respects to the founders of their Kung Fu style. The celebration is done by having their lions parading and blessing the merchants and businesses within their community.

Please check back for more details.