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Hung Fut Style Kung Fu combines Hung Kuen (the hard southern style) with Fut Gar (the Budda open palm).
Our club is completely volunteer-run and all our performers are volunteers.

history of wskfc


The Wong Sheung Kung Fu Club (WSKFC) was founded in 1974 in Victoria, Canada by the late Wong Sheung. Edmond Wong has been the Sifu (master) since the passing of his father. The club has a very rich history and up until Summer 2016, was located in Canada’s oldest Chinatown. The Hung Fut club is very traditional and the only place in Canada teaching this style of Kung Fu.

Club Activities

The non profit club is an active member in Canada’s oldest Chinese community. WSKFC is non-ranking and non-competitive (no tournaments). Training involves ground work, stances and forms. The applications, weapons and lion dancing are taught after the basics are mastered.


All of our instructors have spent a great deal of time and practice to learning the style of Hung Fut.

Sifu Edmond Wong

Sifu (Master)
Born in Hong Kong, Edmond Wong is one of four children. At 10 years old he started training Hung Gar Kung Fu in Hong Kong. At 21 he emigrated to Canada and started training Hung Fut under his father Master Wong Sheung. Edmond Wong has been the Sifu since the passing of his father in 2001.

Terry Lee

Chief Instructor
Terry was born in Guangdong Province, China and immigrated to Canada when he was 11 years old. At age 14, he started training Kung Fu with the late Master Wong Sheung . Terry became Chief Instructor of the Wong Sheung Kung Fu Club in 2001. Terry is very active in the Chinese community, and is prevalent in several different associations.

Mark Albany

Senior Instructor
Mark started visiting the Club often in 1980, but did not start training in earnest until 1988. Sigung Wong was a very influential person in Mark’s learning of Kung Fu. Since joining the club Mark has trained exclusively in Hung Fut. He has been one of the main instructors for the last 15 years. He received his black sash from Sifu Edmond Wong in 2007.

Raymond Lee

Senior Instructor
Ray was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada when he was 2 years old. In 1978 at age 15 he started training in Hung Fut Kung Fu and Lion Dance with Master Wong Sheung. For 5 years Ray trained in various hand and weapons forms as well as becoming an assistant instructor for Master Wong. In 1983, he stopped training due to school and work, but continued in lion dance performances till 2003. He returned to Hung Fut Kung Fu club in 2024 to help celebrate the club’s 50th anniversary, but also to ensure that the Hung Fut style and the teachings of Master Wong Sheung endure.

history of hung fut style kung fu

Hung Fut Kung Fu was created nearly 400 years ago at the Southern Shaolin Monastery in Fujian Province, China. Hung Fut was created by Wun Lei, a Buddhist monk and kung fu grandmaster. Wun Lei combined the powerful, hard style of Hung Gar with the flowing soft style of Fut Gar, creating the Southern Shaolin Hung Fut Kung Fu.
Hung Fut is a left handed style unique in its incorporation of linear, circular, and angular techniques which result in movements that are powerful and explosive, yet precise, flowing, and without rigidity.

Wong Sheung Hung Fut is built on a base of 10 stances. For each of these stances there are 8 hand techniques. These 80 basic techniques are grouped together in sets of 10, one technique for each of the ten stances. A student must be proficient in 50 of these basic hand techniques before advancing to higher levels of training. This includes open hand and weapon forms as well as advanced applications.
Hung Fut incorporates many different hand forms. These include animal forms such as tiger, crane, panther, snake, dragon, monkey and eagle. As well, there are also specialty forms such as drunken, Hung Gar family forms such a Southern Fist and Fut Gar family forms such as Buddha Palm.

Hung Fut also utilizes many weapons. These include: staff, spear, broad sword, straight sword, butterfly knives, tiger hooks, daggers, axes, hoe, bench, and 3 sectional staff.

our founder

Sigung Wong Sheung


Wong Sheung was born on May 10, 1924 in Canton, China and was one of seven children. He started learning Kung Fu from his father Master Wei Ching Wong at 8 years old. At 14 he moved to Hong Kong and at 15 years old he opened his own Kung Fu club and started teaching others.

At 18 he joined the Chinese army and fought against the Japanese in Shanghai, Nanking. He returned to Hong Kong when he was 21 years old and at 23 he married Ann in his home village of Toi Shan.
In 1947 he founded the Hung Lock Kung Fu club in Hong Kong. Sheung and his family emigrated to Canada in 1974 where he founded the Wong Sheung Kung Fu Club.

Bringing Kung Fu to Canada

Sigung Wong Sheung founded the Wong’s Association of Victoria and was the founder and president of the Freemasons Sports Club of Victoria. He served as the chief of the Freemasons for Canada as well as serving as the President and Chief of the Chinese Freemasons in Victoria. He acted as consultant to the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association and the Toi Shan Benevolent Association. Master Wong also acted as honorary president for many Kung Fu clubs across Canada. In 1996 he became an honorary citizen of Victoria. Wong Sheung passed away on December 5th, 2001. Everyone who knew him will miss his sense of humour, generosity, unique personality, and strong spirit.

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